UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (UOBKHST) is a wholly owned subsidiary of UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd. (UOBKH). With the completion of the merger between Kay Hian and UOB Securities, two of Singapore’s most active retail brokers and an injection of United Overseas Bank’s (UOB) regional stockbroking interest into the newly merged entity. UOB Kay Hian has emerged, as the Island State’s most dominant retail broker with a reputation as a regional powerhouse in the making.
Since first quarter of 2001, a series of corporate manoeuvres took place within UOBKHST to reflect the ultimate ownership of the Thai unit, which culminated in a change of name from UOB Securities (Thailand) to UOB Kay Hian (Securities) Thailand. The subsequent relocation of the Thai unit’s head office to Sindhorn Tower, Wireless Road was also deemed a symbolic move attesting the Singapore parent company’s firm commitment to Thailand’s capital market.
In perspective, UOBKHST is a full licensed broker and currently assumes seat No. 26 on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
With an emphasis on improving clients’ satisfaction level, UOBKHST has initiated a revamp of the securities operation. Meanwhile, the company has also embarked on a plan to enlarge its sales force and significant milestones were achieved when UOBKHST acquired. It acquired the retail broking business of BNP Baripas Peregrine (Thailand) in September 2001 and additionally opened 10 new branches throughout the country resulting in a network of 15 branches and about 200 Sales and dealers (Please see Contact Us for more information). Our average market share has been consistently over 4 percent since the beginning of 2002.
Notwithstanding UOBKHST’s primary focus on delivery of quality research products and a constant adjustment of its product mix to suit investors’ palate; being service-minded, the company has vastly improved the speed of dissemination of research products, ensuring clients are able to make timely investment decisions based on up-to-date major market developments.
In a move to consolidate UOBKH’s position as a regional player, the group acquired Worldsec International. Worldsec is an institutional broker based out of Hong Kong with a distinctive focus on bottom-up fundamental research. In Thailand, Worldsec’s institutional research was integrated into UOBKHST’s research, underpinning further the research prowess of the Thai unit.
Besides stockbroking, UOBKHST has also begun to make inroads in the origination of equities and debt products as well as being an active participant in primary market deals. The company has also been successful in acting as the financial advisor for a spectrum of major Thai corporations.
Leveraged on the financial strength and expertise of UOB group of companies which includes a banking presence in Thailand through UOB Radanasin, UOBKHST has successfully elevated itself to the forefront of local financial services industry. With the backing of UOBKH and entrepreneurial spirit of its local management, “UOB Kay Hian” will certainly be a name to reckon with.